Chile One Rejects Being On The 10/10 For Macky 2 & Gives An Opportunity To Upcoming Artists


Chile One Rejects

I have known Macky 2 to be a very generous person. Even before I built a relationship with him, I’ve known him to be a giver.

For a busy person like him to spare this time and resources to support others is something highly commendable. This is something almost every upcoming artist surely looks for. I wish I had this chance earlier.

I know the bigman he has no control over who works with him on this project, its purely upto the people to decide. However, I personally feel Zambians have already given me an opportunity to demonstrate my skills and later on appreciate my music. This is something I don’t take for granted. It will be cruel for me to deny another person the opportunity to “shine”.

Therefore , it will be gratifying for us to give this big stage and opportunity to those that were ranked after me in this competition.

Thanks for your continued love and support.



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