K’milliian shares his mind


K’milliian shares his mind on the Yango fiasco

He writes:

When a man finds himself in trouble he shouldn’t dig a hole and hide he should dig a hole and hide his troubles. The last few days have not been easy for me with people criticizing my conduct in both my personal as well as professional life.

First and foremost allow me to affirm that since its introduction, Yango is a company that has done so much for our communities by facilitating affordable transport services to enhance their well-being. Particularly in the entertainment industry Yango has collaborated with various artists and social media influencers to sponsor events as its social responsibility.

Under no circumstance would I find myself doing anything that may disregard my reputation with Yango.A small misunderstanding with the Yango driver resulted in my name being dragged all over the media in the name of clout. I have always paid for the taxi service and facilitated payment to the driver in question. Social media posts were written with ill intent to grow numbers on their pages whilst causing irreversible damage to my reputation and the people I care about. In as much as you would like to get your 15 minutes of fame please use the correct channels by either asking for help or rather paying experts unlike attaching other people’s names to what never happened.

Otherwise, it is what it is, lets us not find pleasure in bringing other people down just to gain a following or likes. And to those well-wishers that have since stepped in to help me I appreciate your kind gestures. God bless and much love to you keep supporting K’Millian music 📶

Big thanks to
Jelumu Zambia ,Mr David Mwambazi for your massive support 🙌🙌🙌Lesa amipale Kalebalika🌄

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