Macky 2 betray Born Bugah In Luapula


Born Bugah Says……………………

Am Really Pissed Off Like Bigtime😠😠.With All Due Respect Allow Me To Speak My Mind. Sometime Back In 2019 Macky 2 Had A Show At Mansa Hotel And Whilest On Stage He Possed A Question Like Who Is The Most Happening Guy In Luapula Province And The Audience VoBorn Bugahahahahrn Bugah And On Stage He Promised The Audience He Was Going To Give Me A Free Feature .On That Very Day I Wasn’t Feeling Too Well I Was Just Home In Bed.I Started Receiving Calls From People To Say Macky 2 Wants You Right Now He Has Requested That You Meet Before He Lives For Lusaka.I Had No Option But To Dash Forward And Meet Him. Believe Me The Conversation I Had With Him Was Fruitful And He Asked Me To Send Him The Song That He Was Suppose To Jump On And He Directed Me To See A Certain Guy Whom I Was Suppose To Send Data To.Before I Could Leave He Requested We Pose For A Pic Which I Have Tagged Here.Fast Forward I Sent The Data To The Guy I Was Asked To Send To And He Confirmed Receipt Of The Same Data And Later On Forwarded It To Macky 2.At That Point I Kept In Touch With The Guy Until He Was Left With No Other Option But To Connect Direct To Macky.At First He Used To Pick Up My Calls Until He Stopped Completely.

In September 2019 We Met For Kwacha Music Awards In Lusaka And When My Name Was Announced As The Best Artist Luapula Macky Stood Up For Me And Gave Me A Huge Hug As I Was Matching To The Stage To Grab My Award And He Passionately Told Me To Say “We Have To Record Before You Go Back To Luapula With Emphasis“The Following Day I Called Him A Countless Times And He Could Pick Up Any Of My Calls.I Stayed For 3 Days In Lusaka Hoping He Was Going To Pick Up Or Call Me But Nothing Happened Till The Time I Got Back To Luapula.Last Year I Had A Show With Him At Mansa Hotel And I Was Using My Own Vehicle To Advertise The Show Which He Was Headlining Tirelessly But To My Surprise When He Got Here I Dashed Forward To Greet Him And He Acted Has If He Has Never Met Before.Anyway Congratulations Knack Unity I Hope With You It Works.


Stop Being Petty I Am A Friend To The Entire KNACK UNITY Crew And I have Nothing Against The Guys.I Categorically Stated That I Hope This Time It Works Out With The Knack Unity.My English Was So Simple And If Anyone denies Himself Or HerSelf The Power To Think And Get Sense From What I Posted..That’s Not My Baby To Nurse.Otherwise I Spoke My Mind.

#Tailala Mu Peddicle Twambeko 💪

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