Most Viewed African Artists on YouTube in 2023


Most Viewed African Artists on YouTube in 2023


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Most viewed African artist on YouTube 2023, YouTube has become an influential platform for artists to share their music and connect with a global audience. With its vast user base, it serves as a barometer of an artist’s popularity and reach. In this article, we will explore the most viewed African artists on YouTube in 2023. The following table showcases the top five artists who have captured the attention of millions of viewers worldwide with their exceptional talent and captivating music videos.

Table: Most Viewed African Artists on YouTube in 2023

1 Mohamed Ramada 5.08 billion
2 Saad Lamjarred 4.18 billion
3 Tamer Hosny 3.12 billion
4 Soolking 2.66 billion
5 Hassan Shakosh 2.37 billion
  1. Mohamed Ramadan, is a multi-talented Egyptian artist known for his diverse skills in acting, singing, rapping, dancing, and producing. He gained significant recognition for his collaboration with the renowned French singer and rapper Gims on the track titled “Ya Habibi.” Furthermore, in 2020, Ramadan’s YouTube channel garnered immense popularity, becoming one of the most widely viewed channels in the Middle East.

2. Saad Lamjarred is a versatile Moroccan artist who excels as a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dancer, record producer, and actor. His exceptional talent has propelled him to remarkable heights of success in the music industry. Lamjarred’s official music video for the track “LM3ALLEM” has achieved an extraordinary feat, accumulating over 1 billion views on YouTube. Additionally, his YouTube channel boasts an impressive record of over 4 billion views and a staggering 14.3 million subscribers, solidifying his position as the best-selling Arab music artist of all time. Lamjarred’s remarkable achievements reflect the immense popularity and admiration he enjoys from fans around the world.

3. Tamer Hosny, is a celebrated Egyptian artist known by his stage name. He is a multifaceted talent, excelling as a singer, actor, composer, director, and songwriter. Hosny initially gained recognition when he featured on collaborative music projects with various Egyptian artists. However, he truly launched his solo career with the release of his album “Hob” in 2004. Since then, he has established himself as a highly successful singer of romantic music, earning the endearing nickname “King of the Generation” from his devoted fans. With his undeniable talent and artistic contributions, Tamer Hosny has made a lasting impact on the Egyptian music scene.

4. Soolking, born Abderraouf Derradji, is an Algerian artist who has gained recognition as both a singer and rapper. Initially, he embarked on his musical journey using the pseudonym MC Sool until 2013, when he decided to embrace his new stage name. Soolking’s musical style is a fusion of various genres, including reggae, soul, hip hop, and Algerian raï. Through his unique blend of influences, he has crafted a distinct sound that resonates with audiences. Soolking’s innovative approach to music showcases his versatility and ability to incorporate different elements into his compositions, further establishing his place in the music industry.

5. Hassan Shakosh is an Egyptian vocalist renowned for his musical compositions that vividly capture the distinct characteristics and aspirations of life in the Arab world. With an uplifting pop sound, he has garnered immense fame and a devoted following. Notably, his tracks “Mahragan Bent El Geran” and “Habibty” have propelled him to widespread acclaim, solidifying his position as a celebrated artist in the music industry. Through his captivating melodies and relatable lyrics, Shakosh has captivated audiences and left an indelible mark on the Arab music scene.

These most viewed African artists on YouTube in 2023 have not only achieved remarkable success within their respective countries but have also captured the attention of a global audience. Through their exceptional talent, unique style, and visually striking music videos, these artists have carved their names in the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. As YouTube continues to serve as a powerful platform for music discovery and consumption, we can expect the influence and popularity of African artists to continue to grow in the years to come.

01 Yo MapsAweah (MP3 & Video) Download
02 Chile OneI love You Download
03 Chile OneIseni Mutambe Download
04 Chile One Mrzambia ft Y Celeb X Ray Dee – Chibombasa Download
05 Slapdee ft. Cassper Nyovest & Xain – African Queen (Official Music Video) Download
06 Chef 187Imaleta Zina Bwanji Download
07 Y Celeb & Ray Dee (Super Na Ray) – Diary 3 Mp3 Download
08 Drifta Trek. – Diss To Nez Long (Vayolence) Mp3 Download Download
09 Dizmo ft chile one – Kale Twasabena Download
10 Drimz Mr Muziq – Rudo Mp3 Download
11 HD Empire Ft. Chile One MrzambiaTepapa Lelo Mp3 Download
12 Y Celeb – All Bills On Me Mp3 Download Download
13 JK ft Macky 2 X Yo Maps X Brawen – Yes To Love Download
14 T Sean ft. Chile one – Hero Download
15 Chuzhe Int Ft. Triple M & Drifta Trek – Duducha Download
16 King illest ft Macky 2 & Koby – Lifestyle Download
17 WATCH: DeborahPa Table (Reply to Xaven) Download



Yo Maps-Try Again


Chile One-I Love You


Chile One-Iseni Mutambe


  Yceleb ft Ray D-Kutulukusha  


Chef 187-Broke Nolunkumbwa    


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