Solochi Raped By ZNS Commander💔😭


Child Rape; Video and viral; (ZNS) commander Lieutenant. General Maliti Solochi and his sons have been implicated in allegations of having repeatedly raped and sodomised Florence Solochi (his niece).

In one of the videos, her own father tried to calm her down about the allegations. She accused the father of yielding to offers of financial material to silence her and her allegations that she has repeatedly reported to him.

Child rape is such an abominable and ghastly offence and the Police must immediately open a docket and begin to investigate Lt. Gen. Solochi and establish the veracity of these crimes of child rape and sodomy against Florence Solochi.

In her video, she pleaded that President Hakainde Hichilema must not punish Lt. Gen Solochi and that she will not pursue criminal proceedings against her uncle.
Such calls from a victim must not be entertained as these are serious statutory crimes against the state.

When Zambia had a genuine women’s movement, there would have been protests and demonstrations by now, demanding for Justice and arrest of the Solochis.

And the perpetrators of such crime have a habit to alleging or taking advantage of the mental state or issues of the victims, the very mental issues that rise because of the trauma and torture of inflicting harm against the victim.


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